The Experience



The Experience

It looks AMAZING!! I love love love it!! I can’t wait to get the book!!!! Thank you again so much Petra! This has been a blast! That was the most fun, girly thing I have ever done!! :)
— Miss K

I am proud to provide a high level of personal service and artistry, and the highest quality finished products and images. We're going to have an awesome time working together, and in the end you're going to love yourself a little more, and that's priceless. 

Here’s the plan.

Step 1 - The Plan

The consultation is a one on one meeting to look at my albums, go over session details like style, wardrobe, makeup, and inspiration, and talk about every detail you so know exactly what to expect, and feel totally confident walking into your photoshoot. We’ll also secure your shoot date if we haven’t already.

STEP 2 - The Photoshoot

My lovely, private, light-filled studio is designed to be minimalist and clean, while feeling cozy and safe, like a boutique hotel. You'll spend and hour being pampered in Hair & Makeup, and then we'll pick out our favorite outfit to start with. 

I'll guide you through some easy poses to help you get comfortable, and we'll flow through all the looks we designed, and finish with my signature white-sheet session. Photoshoots typically last 4 hours, including hair & makeup and prep time. 

Step 3 - The Image Reveal

This is the most fun day! You’ll be excited (and a little nervous!) to see your images which is why I do everything in person so we can gush about them together, sip some champagne to celebrate how awesome you look, and pick out your favorite ones. This typically happens about 2 weeks after your session. This is the time where you'll pay for your images, unless you choose to have a payment plan. 

Step 4 - Delivery

Albums and art typically take one to two weeks to be created, and they are always shipped to me so I can put my finishing touches on them and make sure everything is absolutely perfect before I deliver it to you. Once your album or wall art is delivered, I proof everything and wrap it up in my boutique packaging before contacting you to arrange pick up.

Pricing & Session Fee

THE SESSION FEE is $145, for weekdays an $175 for weekend and/or holiday sessions, which secures your date, goes towards hair & makeup, and your studio time. The session fee is required before a date is reserved. *does not include any images

THE COLLECTIONS include a Fine Art Album, & corresponding Digital Images, all bundled together for ease and convenience. Collections range from $649-$5000. Please contact me for full pricing. 


Hair & Makeup

Hair & Makeup

Hair & Makeup

Hair & Makeup

Gorgeous Before & Gorgeous After

Below are a few examples of some my lovely clients before and after makeup… and styling…and editing…and lighting…and posing…and you get the idea. Each of these women were amazing and brave and I want to be clear that they are perfect and beautiful already. My hope is that these photos help illustrate that my images are of everyday non-model women, with some expert guidance, and to help the whole thing feel a little less intimidating. If they can do it, you can too.

Makeup Menu

Each of my sessions include professional Makeup application, including false lashes, and dry Hair Styling. Below are a few examples of some styles you might choose. Your look is always completely customized to suit your taste and flatter your features.

Top to bottom - No makeup | Soft and Glowing | Classic Glam | Smoke



Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book a session with you?

Email me: petra@fawntail.com 

Or use this contact form.

What does a session cost?

The session fee is $145, which covers professional hair & makeup, as well as your session time, and secures your session date. At the reveals, you'll see your finished, edited images, and choose how many images you'd like to purchase, what size album you'd like, and any extras. Collections start at $649. 

How far in advance should I book my session?

Sessions are typically booked 4-10 weeks before you want your finished product, but we can start chatting about your session right away!

Where is your studio?

Fawntail Photography is located in Central Boulder, close to Ideal Market and Pearl Street Mall. I provide sessions to anyone in Northern Colorado, Denver, and Boulder. I travel frequently, so if you're interested in a session with me, send me a message, maybe I'll be in your area. 


I’ve never done this before, how should I prepare?

I usually tell clients to think of your session as a special event, like a wedding. At your pre-consultation I will give you a welcome packet that has a handy checklist of everything you’ll need and a timeline of how to get ready for your day in front of the camera.

Do I Need to Show My Tummy/Thighs/Butt/Arms/Any Area That I Don’t Like?

What you show is totally up to you! Every choice from wardrobe to posing will ensure that we create images you love that flatter your body and flaunt what you love about yourself.

Do I Need to Get Naked?

Boudoir photography is all about finding your sexy. That can mean as much or as little clothing as you like.

Do I need my own wardrobe?

Because I photograph women of all different sizes, I do not keep wardrobe at my studio aside from a few accent pieces. You will need to bring a few different outfits with you for the session. From high-end lingerie to your man’s favorite t-shirt, we will plan all your outfits out to fit your style, body, and budget.



How long will my session be? How many outfits can I bring?

Session last about 1.5 which is enough time for 3 outfits.

How long will it take to see my photos/How do I order?

After your session it typically takes 2-3 weeks for me to edit your session. Once your images are ready, we will schedule a reveal session where you will see all your beautiful images! At the reveal session you’ll decide which images you want to purchase and what type of product you’d like.

Will Anyone Else See My Photos?

I don’t post your photos anywhere without your permission. At the Reveal session you’ll have the opportunity to decide which, if any, photos you are comfortable sharing, and if you don't want to share any, that's totally ok!


About Me

About the Photographer

About Me

About the Photographer


Hi, I'm Petra


I love being behind the camera, it's been my passion since I was young. I used to borrow my parent's camera and pretend to be a nature photographer, poking around the garden and getting suuuper close up to flowers (they all came out blurry, I was very disappointed).  

My Fine Art Photography education started 15 years ago, developing my own film and spending hours in the darkroom. The biggest thing I learned in those years was to look beyond the obvious to find what is beautiful. 

You may not think you're photogenic, you may have never been photographed before, but I know that I can capture a beautiful image of you that will make you see yourself the way your loved ones do, radiant, unique, and gorgeous. 


Meet Petra

Meet Petra

some fun facts about me!

  • I love yoga

  • I love coffee

  • I love to travel, take road trips, and explore new places, even if they're in my own neighborhood.

  • I've lived in London, the Czech Republic, Florida, L.A., and Colorado.

  • I'm a 2nd degree black-belt

  • Bae and I have been together for 12 years ♥

  • I got my first "real" camera when I was 14, a Canon Rebel 2000, and I've been behind the lens since. I still shoot Canon :)

  • I take frequent and often embarrassing dance breaks when a song I like comes on.

  • I'm mama to the adorable fur-baby in the photos below!

Me and my handsome boys, Jacob (human) and Franklin (puppy)